Friday, July 26, 2013

Star and Mr. Moon, original art dolls designed by poofydove

I am super excited to announce that two of my soft sculptures are being featured in Stuffed Magazine this August 2013!!!

One of the things that shows up over and over again in my sketchbooks is the man in the moon. In general I enjoy drawing anthropomorphic creatures, but I have always had a special place in my imagination for Mr. Moon. So the eventual creation of the star and moon soft sculptures was only natural :)

They are a simple construction, made out of two identical pieces of fabric. Then the faces are hand sculpted using the needle and thread to give it a more 3-D feel. The details are hand painted using acrylic paint.

I think they are one of my sweetest designs so far. They have a simplicity that is reminiscent of childhood, play and a full imagination.

I hope you enjoy them!

One of these stars is for sale currently on my Etsy store, stop by and check him out :)